Microsoft Teams

The hub for teamwork in Office 365

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a proven way to maintain productivity and ensure business continuity, wherever you and your team are. It’s the hub for teamwork in Office 365 and allows you to collaborate on documents, chat as groups or individuals, have video calls, make calls to real phone numbers and keep your files and resources in one easily accessible place.

You can boost productivity even further by integrating Microsoft and third-party apps – GitHub, Visual Studio, Adobe Creative Cloud … they’re all available via Teams. Studies have also shown that using Teams boosts company morale. It’s no secret that happier employees are more motivated and productive, especially when it comes to collaborative work.

How we use Teams at Cloud Know How

Microsoft Teams has always been essential to our fast-paced environment and maintaining high productivity. Right now, it’s critical to our business – we rely on Teams to maintain relationships across the board and deliver the same impeccable service.

1. Daily Usage

The functional teams are split for secure and instant response communication. This is the same for the individual chats that keep more sensitive information private and double up as a source of human connection during lockdown.

2. Projects and Meetings

When conducting a large-scale project we allocate the individuals involved to a new channel, which is linked to the project’s SharePoint folder containing the brief and relevant files.

We try and ensure that even the simplest of internal conversations are conducted over Teams video call to maintain the office atmosphere. Each meeting is scheduled through Outlook with an integrated link to the meeting. You can also see the meetings via your Teams calendar.

3. IT Helpdesk and Training

During video conference calls, or simply one-to-one calls, the presenting feature allows us to share our screen to demonstrate a product or assist someone with a technical issue. The presenting feature includes the option to give control to other people in the meeting.

How can we make Teams work for you?

Get the most out of your investment in Microsoft Teams with support from us on implementation, enablement and training.

1. Implementation

Implementing Microsoft Teams into your organisation is simple with the support of our experienced technical team. We’ll help you integrate Microsoft Teams into your existing Microsoft estate – including SharePoint and Office 365 – and migrate your existing phone systems across if you’re also opting for phone system integration.

2. Enablement

Once you have Microsoft Teams embedded in your organisation you’ll need to make sure end-user adoption is high and everyone understand best practice. We will provide you with a rollout plan to help new users get to grips with the platform and drives productivity and collaboration.

3. End-User and Admin Training

Based on a combination of Microsoft’s best practices and our own real-world experience, we can train your Microsoft Teams Admins to successfully administer Teams for our business. While also train your end-users on best practice and effective use of SharePoint and OneDrive alongside Teams.

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